Devon Dairy Produce

Local Dairy Produce Delivered To Your Door

Please see details below of our finest diary produce.  If you would like pricing please do not hesitate to contact us

Whole/Semi-Skimmed/Skimmed (Pasteurised/Homogenised)
2 Litres – £1.89

1 Litre – £1.10

500 ml – £0.70

Clotted Cream
113g – £1.20

226g – £1.80

453g – £2.80

Double Cream
142ml – £0.85

284ml – £1.25

500ml – £1.80

Butter (Salted)
200g roll – £1.75

Natural Yoghurt
450g – £1.49

Please give 3 days notice when ordering larger sizes/quantities of cream/butter i.e. 453 g Clotted Cream/500 ml Double Cream/>100 rolls of butter.

For retail/trade prices and queries please use our email form and select “Retail”. 

Please note our product labels show allergy advice. For any allergy advice pre-sale please contact us.

Additional Products Available

In addition to our dairy products, we can also deliver a range of other popular products. Delivering to many areas of Devon and North Cornwall our prices are very competitive. If you require details of the trade/retail quantities and prices, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Free Range Eggs

(Black Dog Medium/Large Free Range Eggs)

6 Medium/1 Dozen – £1.30

6 Large/1 Dozen – £1.40

For more information please refer to

Westacott Farm Eggs

Sourced from a local provider at Petrockstow

6 Large – £1.10

1 Tray Large – £4.50


(Sourced from David Grigg, Bideford)

Bags available:

2.5 kg – £3.00

5kg – £4.50

10 kg – £7.50

25 kg – £12.50

Please order 10 kg & 25 kg in advance.


(1 Litre Cartons)

Orange – £1.45

Apple – £1.45

Pineapple – £1.45

Cranberry – £1.39

Cranberry and Raspberry – £1.39

 Look out for details to follow on our flavoured yoghurts and glass bottle processing.

Local Honey

We are pleased to announce that as of the 26th October 2020, we are able to stock and deliver Local Devon Honey.

8oz/227g – £4.00

1lb/454g – £6.00

Dairy Deliveries

Deliveries can be made twice per week to our doorstep customers, with extra deliveries to our retail customers.  We deliver all year round, including bank holidays except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s day.  We endeavour to bring you a reliable, friendly service with great products but when we encounter travel obstructions or adverse weather conditions, we are determined to make deliveries at the earliest and safest time/day possible.